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Quick Set, inc. Basement Glass Block windows, Bathroom Glass block windows and shower walls

                                    About us

Quick Set, Inc. was established in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1981. Using classical technique, glass blocks were laid piece by piece with a brick layer. In 1987, Quick Set, Inc. started laying glass block panels down and utilizing a quick-setting mortar. This method was used exclusively until 1999.

In 1999, Quick Set, Inc. started building glass block panels with silicone.  Silicone creates a stronger and more durable window. From 1999 until 2001, Quick Set, Inc. offered both silicone and mortar glass block windows. In 2001, silicone became the primary material used by Quick Set, Inc.

 Quick Set, Inc. offers a 15 year warranty on everything used to build custom glass block windows. The warranty covers the glass block, silicone, and vents. If the customer uses Quick Set, Inc. to install their windows, the warranty will also cover the materials used to install the product.